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Day Twenty Eight:

Do you own a credit card? Or several? If so, have you thought about the impact all those plastic cards are having on your wealth as well as the environment?

These little suckers have a large negative impact on the environment in a round about way...not so much about the physical plastic of the cards but more so how they enable us to spend; spend; spend...mostly on unnecessary items that we don't really "need" but do really WANT! Feeding consumerism at its best and creating a large amount of waste (not to mention financial stress) at the end of the day.  We should be spending our money more wisely, or rather, not spending our money as much...which is really wiser! Next time you reach for your credit card to purchase an item, ask yourself this:

  • Do you really NEED that item?
  • Is it going to positively impact your life in the long term and in a healthy way?
  • Is it in line with your long term goals?
  • Is it the most environmentally friendly option or are there better options you could be looking at?
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If you're interested in saving yourself financially when it comes to credit cards and loans etc then a friend of mine introduced me to "Barefoot Investor", this guy will tell it like it is and cut through the BS that you get fed from banks and large corporations. He may sound offensive at times but it's probably what we all need to hear. Listening to his wise words will save you money in the short term and long term. It is worth sitting down and looking at all your accounts/credit cards/loans and seeing if there is a way to reduce the amount they are costing you. That is what I did last night and I was able to cut up the credit card that was costing me the most simply by paying it off using another account of mine with a lower interest rate. And I will be cutting up a second one today! Even though I haven't technically paid it off yet, it felt great to do and I know I have saved myself in the long run. I also stopped using any of my credit cards about 6 months ago in order to pay them off quicker. There are many ways to reduce the impact of debt: consolidate your credit cards on the lowest interest rate possible; apply for a balance transfer and make SURE you pay it off in the timeframe given; STOP spending on your cards! You will never pay them off if you keep using them. Make sure you put on more than the minimum amount each month. A lot of you are probably already on top of this but my emphasis is on all the spending we do as a society that is just not necessary. There is a very small amount of people rubbing their hands together and just getting richer whilst the poor get poorer. Don't sell your soul to the Barefoot Investor says: "Tread your own path!"

Make a change...
Re-think your thinking...


Day Twenty Four:

Are you often thirsty on the run and need to grab a bottle of water? All those many plastic bottles either land up in landfill or, more than not, the ocean. Plastic bottles and lids are one of the most frequent rubbish ocean dwellers we have these days.

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Make sure you purchase a steel or glass water bottle so you can keep it with you wherever you go and stay hydrated on the move, not at the expense of our environment. Sure, there are going to be times when we will be caught out and need to purchase a water bottle, but make that the rare occasion and not the norm and you're winning!

Make a change...
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Day Twenty Three:

Do you have a centre in your town that educates and supports sustainable living and environmental awareness? If you live in Adelaide then your answer should be "yes"!

I only recently learned about the Adelaide Sustainability Centre which is situated at The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, (just off the West side of the bus station). You can read more about them here. This centre teaches and supports sustainable living. They run regular workshops and events to educate and share their knowledge so we can all make positive changes in our lives to minimise the negative impact we are having on our own environment. They run movie nights; educational workshops; hands-on workshops, from teaching you how to create your own backyard veggie patches to sharing knowledge on how to recycle right and how to minimise packaging waste when doing your grocery shopping. Most of the events are either free or only charged at a small fee to cover the costs of running it (often between $5-$20).

This week they ran a workshop to teach us how to make our very own beeswax wraps (see what these are by visiting "Day 10" in our blogs); cotton veggie bags (see what these are by visiting "Day 6" in our blogs) and a jute scrubber. All of which we could take home with us. Needless to say it was a fun workshop and now we have a couple extra beeswax wraps and cotton bags to add to our collection. The jute scrubber can either be used as a face exfoliator; body scrubber; veggie scrubber or dish cloth. It even got my partner, Andre, on the knitting needles making his very own jute scrubber, which I was extremely impressed by, he persevered to the end and got it done. It looked awesome!

Concentrating hard on the sewing machine making my veggie cotton bag.

Concentrating hard on the sewing machine making my veggie cotton bag.

Finished Product! Veggie cotton bag good to go!

Finished Product! Veggie cotton bag good to go!

My little knitted jute scrubber, haven't knitted since I was about 13. It all comes flooding back.

My little knitted jute scrubber, haven't knitted since I was about 13. It all comes flooding back.

My very own, handmade beeswax wrap...see you later cling film!

My very own, handmade beeswax wrap...see you later cling film!

Why not look up if you have a sustainability centre or something similar in your area where you can learn about all these wonderful things and be more informed on how we can make a change to minimise the impact we have on this planet.

Make a change...
Re-think your thinking..


Day Twenty:

Are you a meat eater?
Have you thought about the impact that all the meat packaging can have on the environment?

I was chatting to my local Butcher today about whether many people try and avoid plastic when buying their meat. He was telling me that there is one lady who re-uses her brown paper bags that they always put the wrapped meat into until it is almost disintegrated. And there is another lady who brings in her own tupperware for them to put the meat straight into. Therefore, totally eliminating the need for plastic at all. Imagine we all did that? How much of a positive impact would that have on the world of plastics.

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I have tried to start using tupperware myself for meat purchased at the Butcher. Give this a go! Next time you're at your Butcher just ask them if they would accept putting your meat into a tupperware for you instead of a plastic bag. They just weight the container first to make sure they deduct the weight of the container and pop your meat in there for you...EASY!  You should find that most Butcher's will be only too willing to accept this method as it is saving them costs in packaging. I know ours is super supportive of this which makes life easier and a whole lot more plastic free :-). 

Re-think your thinking...


Day Twelve:

If you are already pretty good at recycling you will know that you have to remove lids from bottles before placing them in the recycle bin...




It is now recommended to place all plastic lids in a large plastic bottle (i.e. fabric softener or 2L milk bottle) and once the bottle is full you can place it in the recycle bin. This way the small lids don't get stuck in the sorting conveyer belts as they would if loose. And can now be recycled too with same plastics.

You can do this for steel and aluminium lids as well. Steel lids will be magnetic (you can test them using a magnet) and can be placed in steel tins (also magnetic), once the tin is nearly full you can clamp it shut and place in recycle bin. Aluminium lids are not magnetic and should be placed in aluminium cans. Just make sure that all the steel lids as well as the tin are magnetic and all the aluminium lids as well as the can are not magnetic so as not to mix steel with aluminium. 

I have two empty glass jars at the kitchen window-sill, one labelled magnetic and one labelled non-magnetic. Each time I take a lid off a bottle I test it and place it in the right jar. Once the jar is full I put the lids in the correct can that I have saved and rinsed for this purpose. When the can is full enough, I clamp it shut and put it in the recycle bin. Easy!

Re-think your thinking...

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Day Eleven:

There's probably a 50% chance you are a human who brushes their hair. Have you thought about what your brush is made of? Probably plastic.

And guess what?...

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There are brushes out there made out of BAMBOO, crying out to be used! They are 100% biodegradable, naturally anti-static & anti-bacterial. Not to mention how amazingly well they massage your scalp when brushing. I didn't want to stop!

Once again, if you want to know why bamboo is more environmentally friendly then read our previous bamboo related posts. There are many positive reasons to go Bamboo!

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Day Ten:

Are you a frequent Cling Film user?...time to re-think your thinking...

Someone's been a Bizzy Bee this month, finding out and putting into practise all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to reduce the amount of waste we create in our household.

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One of my favourite finds so far has to bee these awesome Beeswax Wraps, the perfect answer to cling film!

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These gorgeous looking wraps (they can be found in all sorts of different patterns and colours, depending where you buy them from) are made from 100% organic cotton; organic beeswax; tree resin & jojoba oil. It sticks amazingly to itself and can be wrapped around the top of a bowl; around a sandwich; around a block of cheese; around vegetables for storage or made into a little bag to put snacks in...the opportunities are endless. The wrap itself does not feel at all sticky, it's genius!

Read more about them here or just google them and there are a few places that make different ones.

If you are interested in learning how to make these yourself then there is an event happening in Adelaide on 23rd July where you will learn how to make a beeswax wrap; a cotton fruit and veg bag and a jute scrubber all to take home with you and the workshop only costs $10 to attend.
Click here for details.

"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose." ~ Dr Seuss

Re-think your thinking...


Day Seven:

What is your toothbrush made of?

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Most likely plastic. 
Did you know you can get bamboo toothbrushes from most health food shops or online?

Well, there'll be no need for bamboozling as it's a no-brainer! ;-p

In Australia, over 30 million toothbrushes are used and disposed of by Australians each year, amounting to approximately 1000 tonnes of landfill each year. The plastic they’re made of won’t break down in our lifetime. Nor within the lifetime of our children.

Bamboo on the other hand is an extremely fast growing plant, it is naturally pest resistant, which means it doesn’t need fertilisers to boost its growth. When it has been harvested, it grows back within a year and often grows 120cm a day! It needs no chemicals and very little water to grow.

The Bamboo toothbrush was invented by a Brisbane dentist. The handles are biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, and do not pollute the environment. The amazing growth and self-renewing ability of bamboo means that deforestation is not necessary either. Even the packaging is bio-degradable.

Bamboo toothbrushes are BPA FREE and FAIR TRADED as well as VEGAN FREINDLY.



A change is as good as a rest they say...

Well, we decided to change up the moov space this week to free up a lot more room in the gym and open it up a bit. Our Hatha Yoga Classes now have a better area to work with and there is a lot more floorspace available for things like crawling; animal flow; farmers carry's; walking lunges etc.

Check out some of our progress pics below...

So there it is...plenty of functional space to be utilised. See you at the Studio!


Don't be this guy...Don't repeat poor movement habits in the gym. Get assessed and trained in good movement habits to avoid injury and stiffness occurring.