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Do you have a friend or two who are also interested in personal training? 

At moov personal training we encourage you to promote fitness and well-being. If you have a friend or family member who would like to train with you, this makes personal training a lot more affordable. Train with up to a group of 3 people.

Cost: for as little as $35each you can enjoy the benefits of personalised training. See our pricing list for further details on pricing options. 

What to expect: You will each need to go through our 45minute initial assessment to get a full body assessment and medical/injury history. This can be done individually or in a group to reduce costs (please get in touch with us to discuss).

What if my friend and I have different goals?: With our small group training you can still have individual programmes and work on separate goals within the same session. That is not a problem.

Benefits of training with a friend:

  • Huge reduction in cost

  • Way more fun.

  • Can give you a little competitive edge.

  • Helps maintain motivation.

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