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At moov personal training you can be confident that you will be trained in a safe and friendly environment in our large, open studio in Torrensville, 5 minutes from Adelaide CBD.  You will be under the guidance of a physiotherapist qualified personal trainer.  This will ensure that you are trained to YOUR full potential and within YOUR own limits. There is no cookie cutter approach here, Your programme will be guided by the findings in your initial assessment with us and the results will speak for themselves!

We can also help if you are experiencing pain. With years of experience in rehabilitation, many specialised world-class courses in movement assessment, treatment & rehab as well as a physiotherapy degree under our belt, you're in safe hands! We don't work around the issue as many trainers do, we know how to fix your pain! Why pay for a therapist AND a personal trainer when you can get it all in one? Whether you have chronic pain; acute injury; lack of mobility; instability; idiopathic pain; neurological conditions - WE CAN HELP!

Click through to our TESTIMONIALS page to see what our clients have to say.

How to book in with moov pt?: Firstly fill out an online "new client form" which can be found at the bottom of any of our website's pages.

What happens next?: You will be prompted to book in a convenient time for your assessment via our online calendar.

What happens in the initial consultation?: We will take you through a 45minute initial (no obligation) full body movement assessment. Initial Assessment Cost: $80.

Why?: No two bodies are the same so it is essential for us to know your previous history of injury and current movement capabilities in order to train you safely and effectively in a functional manner that is right for you.

What makes us different?: You will be trained by a physiotherapist qualified personal trainer. Your goals will be reached safely & effectively, you will still be pushed to train hard but never to the point of injury.

Don't settle for just ANY personal trainer when you can reach your goals safely & injury free at moov personal training. We put your health & wellbeing first & listen to what you say. 

To find out more about us and how we can help, get in touch with moov personal training today if you're looking to lose weight; become more flexible; improve your fitness or core stability or get stronger!

Some fun facts about Moov PT’s current clients:

~ Our youngest client is 27 years old.
~ Our oldest client is 78 years old.
~ The average age of all our clients is currently 45.5.
~ We have recently trained 6 ladies through pregnancy until they were a couple of weeks off
   full term & continued post pregnancy as well as others we have seen post pregnancy.

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