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“We’ve been working with Mary in a 2:1 PT session for 3 months and we’ve been super happy with every aspect of the program. Mary creates very personalised programs for each of us based on our needs. She is flexible and friendly in her approach and knows when to push and when to support. Her knowledge and skills are appreciated and we’ve seen good changes in our range movement in only a short time. We highly recommend her services!” ~ Bethany F

“Mary offers a great program. She tailors it to what you need but keeps it interesting by changing things up. An extremely supportive and motivating trainer. I’d happily recommend her!“ ~ Gemma R

“Mary’s great - she must be because this is the first time I’ve ever stuck to a regular fitness schedule. Her combo of being a Physio and PT works well and the exercises she designed for me have cured my injuries and weaknesses very quickly. I feel much stronger and fitter and absolutely recommend her highly.“ ~ Gayle B

“Mary is a great trainer. She is excellent at working towards fitness goals efficiently. With her background in physiotherapy she is well equipped to help with injury recovery and staying within your personal limitations.“ ~ Mark B

“Thanks to Mary, I’m pain free, and stronger than ever before. She’s helped me overcome injury, and continue on to build strength in areas I’ve struggled with for years. I would recommend Moov PT to any friend or family member looking to rehab an injury or just get fitter and stronger!“ ~ Steph P.

“Very professional. Mary's physio background coupled with her fitness knowledge means that she knows how to get the best out of me without overcooking anything. I'm delighted with my progress, and have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending MOOV.” ~ Richard S.

"I went to see Mary for the first time in June 2016, after not participating in any form of exercise for approximately 15 years! To say I was a little apprehensive is an understatement. However, after my first meeting with Mary I knew that she was the right personal trainer for me and I knew that she would reignite the passion I once had for exercise.

Fast forward to October 2017 and I am a new woman! I have never felt stronger, healthier or fitter :) Thank you Mary!" ~ Jo R.


"In August 2017 I had back surgery (Micro Discectomy) and to be honest I was a little worried about my future. 3 Weeks after my op I had an appointment with Mary. I started gently and did low impact stretches and core strength exercises as recommended by Mary and my strength and movement increased almost immediately. I am now 3 months in, working with Mary and the Home Exercise Program she laid out for me I am now going very well, my core is stronger than ever and I am easily walking 10-15 thousand steps a day in comfort.

My future looks brighter than ever and I may even take up surfing again soon, thanks Mary!" ~ Dave S.


“Mary is the most knowledgeable Personal trainer I have ever worked with.  She listens to my story and what my goals are and then delivers with exercises and routines that work.  I feel good about myself and look forward to every training session – so glad I found her” ~ Chris C.


"I decided to give Mary a go as she came highly recommended, almost 2 years on I can say it was the best decision I've ever made. Living with Cerebral Palsy Right sided weakness I have always struggled with my mobility, walking long distances, both my arm, foot getting very stiff, sore and my overall fitness.
Mary saw my body first then worked out why it was doing what it was and set exercises around that - first time ' I didn't hear Ok let's do surgery!' I was so pleased!
Through doing these exercises I noticed a difference between 3-6 months, surprised myself by walking more than 1 block without stopping or holding on to someone and it just got better from there. Now I can walk much further with no help, have increased strength in my Right side which makes daily routine less painful and my fitness levels couldn't be better.
Seeing small changes just made me want more and I really started to believe in myself, develop more self esteem, confidence, started to achieve long term goals and had a reason to hold my head high.
Mary has a way and understanding of the body that many few have - just made it so I can get the best out of myself.
Saying that I'm grateful for all that Mary has done for me would be an understatement, through my time I've dealt with many professionals and I can truly say Mary has restored my faith. She's one of the good ones. 
Thank you Mary for giving me all the knowledge I need to get the most out of my body and realise anything is possible if you put your mind to it". ~ Julia L.


"Over the past 5 - 7 years I have suffered both pain and discomfort in my shoulder, together with restricted movement. I could no longer swim, carry heavy shopping bags or throw a ball. Mary was recommended to me by a friend.
After about 5 sessions with Mary I noticed that my pain level was much less and simple daily tasks were easier and less painful to perform. Months later, and with regular sessions, I am 95% pain free and my mobility and strength has improved amazingly. All this and no medication!  I'm so thrilled with our progress." ~ Jane W.


"After years of motorbikes, playing lacrosse and multiple bowel surgeries I was left with constant pain in my lower back to the point where I only played two lacrosse games last season and had to visit two emergency departments to get relief. My hope at the start of my training sessions with Mary was that she could take away some of the pain and maybe get me back playing for a full season of lacrosse just at a B grade level. Having just won the Division 1 lacrosse grand final I have no doubt that Mary was a critical component in helping me exceed my goals and expectation. The strange bit is that with each treatment it felt as though past injuries were being identified, worked on and years of damage reversed. I now feel fitter than I have done for the past 5 years." ~ Nick W.


"I injured my lower lumbar spine via a fracture a few years ago from a sporting accident.  I’ve tried physios, osteos, yoga, pilates, remedial massages, pain killers, personal trainers and more physios.  The pain just wasn’t budging though and it felt like it was getting worse and taking over more of my body.  I was in my thirties but felt like my back belonged to an 80 year old. I was nearing the point of fatigue induced surrender when I came across Mary.  
From the first session where she assessed my whole body and movement (instead of just focusing on my injury) I knew things would be different, and they have been.  I am slowly, but surely, feeling better with mobility and strength exercises that not only alleviate my pain, but also improve my understanding of how I can manage my own pain through movement and strengthening of my overall body. 
Within the first few weeks with Mary I experienced a pivotal moment where I suddenly sneezed and didn’t have the time to brace for the shooting pain I’d felt for years…  I was elated when three sneezes came and went without any pain or need for bracing.   Now as I proceed through my daily life I have gone from a constant state of pain sitting around 7 – 9 down to days with no pain at all and some with a rating of 2 – 4, and these days are getting less with the pain primarily on the point of my actual injury whereas it used to be my entire lower back region." ~ Fiona S.


“Before seeing Mary I suffered from lower back pain (caused by a perforated disc, L5/S1) as well as upper back pain. I was unable to tie my shoelaces without pain due to lack of mobility. I'd been like this on and off for about 5 years. The neurosurgeon suggested I was not bad enough to be operated on and that I'd have to live with it using drugs.  Within a few months after seeing Mary I was able to comfortably tie my shoelaces again. I now wake up without pain! Previously, if I ventured out for a run I would be taking some sort of anti-inflammatory that night. I've not taken any drugs for about a year now. Within a few more months I was weight-lifting again, now I am able to deadlift and squat, which have been long term goals of mine! I now also have the knowledge to help myself improve mobility using techniques I have learned.” ~ Mark D.


"If you're injured and in need of a rehabilitation expert then look no further than Mary. After years of reoccurring shoulder injuries and $1,000's spent on physiotherapy with no results I had lost hope and was on a waiting list for surgery when a friend recommends I see Mary. She was not like the people I had seen before, she is an expert in her field and took a genuine interest in my problems. I stuck to her program and she led me down the road to recovery from 8 shoulder dislocations in 2 years to now being strong and stable enough to do heavy pressing movement again. Her knowledge of mobility and the recovery process is second to none and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation." ~ Steve D.


"I just wanted to say thanks for working on me last year.  I have been working on my inefficiencies through my core and am finally starting to hit some solid PB's on my lifts with much better form.  I hit a 147.5kg deadlift today after a 145kg last week and my previous was 143 with a weight belt.  All my PB's are now without weight belt assistance.  Thanks Legend!" ~ Matt G.


"Even though I got injured, what you did for me has got me back better and fitter than before.  Thanks Mary." ~ Jaeger C.



"I'm loving the program, it's really ticked the box I was hoping it would. Having a solid program that's being tracked has made a world of difference to my attitude & approach. My "I should exercise" has evolved into a "I MUST exercise". This program really is the bomb." ~ Fiona S.


"I am enjoying the workouts! Particularly knowing I can get one or two done in my son's nap time without having to plan anything 😀 ". ~ Ellen B.


"I haven't felt soreness in my shoulder at all lately - very happy with that. Your exercises are working! Progress!" ~ Sharon C.

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