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Day Twenty:

Are you a meat eater?
Have you thought about the impact that all the meat packaging can have on the environment?

I was chatting to my local Butcher today about whether many people try and avoid plastic when buying their meat. He was telling me that there is one lady who re-uses her brown paper bags that they always put the wrapped meat into until it is almost disintegrated. And there is another lady who brings in her own tupperware for them to put the meat straight into. Therefore, totally eliminating the need for plastic at all. Imagine we all did that? How much of a positive impact would that have on the world of plastics.

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I have tried to start using tupperware myself for meat purchased at the Butcher. Give this a go! Next time you're at your Butcher just ask them if they would accept putting your meat into a tupperware for you instead of a plastic bag. They just weight the container first to make sure they deduct the weight of the container and pop your meat in there for you...EASY!  You should find that most Butcher's will be only too willing to accept this method as it is saving them costs in packaging. I know ours is super supportive of this which makes life easier and a whole lot more plastic free :-). 

Re-think your thinking...


Day Thirteen:

Are you a supermarket shopper?...

When shopping at the supermarket it is extremely hard to avoid all the many layers of packaging on just about every item in there.

Buying in bulk is the only answer, that way you can take your own jars/bags with you and replenish them as needed. Saving you money by only buying the amount you need until your next shop (and buying from bulk is cheaper) as well as largely reducing the amount of packaging waste created from purchasing items at the supermarket.

We have slowly been converting our kitchen cupboard groceries into glass jars and although I was buying several items in bulk already, I realised that almost everything I need in the kitchen can be bought from bulk out of the Adelaide Central Markets. Including items such as olive oil; vinegar; nut butters; oats; flour; spices; herbs...the list goes on.

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My top 4 stores for bulk are: 1. Goodies & Grains. 2. House of Health. 3. The Honey Shoppe. 4. Go Vita Health Food Store.

Re-think your thinking...