Paula made the move to Australia in 2011, having grown up in Colombia. She spent the first 3 years in Melbourne before settling in Adelaide. She is a qualified Industrial Engineer with five years field experience but she decided to leave the corporate world for something completely different...Yoga.

The concepts of mindfulness, balance, peace of mind, body acceptance and connection were exactly what she was looking for. The seeking is done, but the journey has just started. 

Having found her path Paula wants to continue with lifelong learning whilst sharing that knowledge and sense of wellbeing with others. ~ “Everyone can benefit from yoga, whether it be corporate high flyers, blue collar workers, the unemployed, people with disabilities, the elderly, the fit and the unfit can all gain from understanding the principles of connection between the body and the mind to reduce stress in their lives”

Clearly this is Paula’s passion, but she is also passionate about sustainable living, nature and spending time with family and friends.                                                             


- Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering

- 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Certification

- First Aid & CPR certified

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