So you've started up a new gym routine, you've got the gear, you've got the motivation and you've got the gym membership. Just don't leave the knowledge required to train you safely and effectively at the door!

You may have a Personal Trainer, but not all Personal Trainer's are created equal. Some can push you to the point of injury and beyond. If your Personal Trainer is letting you repeat a poor movement habit without correcting you over a period of time, this can create dysfunction in your body and those movement habits stay with you for life if not changed. Inevitably, leading to injury further down the track. If you have a Personal Trainer, make sure they have a lot of knowledge on the human body and movement and not just a PT certification as this is not enough to train people safely.

It's not all about Personal Trainers though, you may be training yourself and that's great! Just make sure you aren't performing poor movement habits. It is worth educating yourself on proper movement technique for all basic movements such as squats; lunges; pull-ups; pushups etc before going crazy at the gym.

I've spent a lot of time in different commercial gyms and have seen a whole lot of poor movement. It makes me want to cry! You know that person is inflicting harm on themselves and they probably don't even know it YET. 

When it comes to FOOTWEAR, less is more! When it comes to EXERCISE CHOICE, there are too many variables influencing this, but you always want to include functional, full body movements in your workout. And when it comes to WHY, well this is where it gets fun, as really it comes down to what your flexibility is like; where your strength is at; what your goals are; how you feel on the day - so many variables that affect WHY you choose certain movements over others.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut with working out or are unsure how to put workouts together for yourself then pop on over to our moov personal training page and have a think about joining us online to guide you through your training safely and effectively!

You won't regret it!