Mastering the Turkish Get Up

Are you familiar with the Turkish Get Up?
(if not, I'd recommend reading this article about the many benefits of the Get Up (

- Is this a movement you have tried but failed dismally? 
- Is it a movement you have never seen or heard of before? 
- Is it a movement you do regularly but just not sure if you’re doing it right?
- Is it a movement you have tried but you always get STUCK or experience PAIN at a certain phase? 
- Is it something that you have seen someone do and thought “there is NO WAY I would be able to do that”
…Weeeellllll, THERE IS!

At MOOV we teach clients how to break down the Turkish Get Up (TGU) starting with just their body weight if needed and progress them at THEIR own pace. There is a lot to this movement that doesn’t really meet the eye and it translates over amazingly well to life. We have seen many clients on Day One unable to get from the lying down position to their elbow who now do full TGU’s with added load. 


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