Pregnancy Workout Options - PRESS

Here are some of the exercises I like to use with my pre / present / post pregnancy clients. Each week I will put up a new short clip of different movements. This is not a prescription of course, each individual is their own case.

Some things to consider when exercising during pregnancy are:
- your exercise & fitness levels pre-pregnancy
- your current state of well-being during the pregnancy
- what stage of the pregnancy you are at
- whether or not you have any pre-existing or pregnancy related health issues
- how you feel on the day of exercise
All of the above factors affect the type of exercise you would do on that day.

The 2nd movement is the PRESS. Building strength in the press is important for many reasons. As you reach the last few weeks of pregnancy getting out of bed can be a lot more challenging and requires the strength to push yourself into an upright position. Once baby is born there will be times when you'll need to push open heavy doors whilst negotiating a pram and possibly a 2nd child on one hip too. Developing arm strength in general is hugely important for all the lifting required of baba / pram / bags etc.

Above is a short clip of different versions of PRESSING. Always maintaining a strong plank position and breathing out as you press.