Pregnancy Workout Options - lunge/step

Here are some of the exercises I like to use with my pre / present / post pregnancy clients. Each week I will put up a new short clip of different movements. This is not a prescription of course, each individual is their own case.

Some things to consider when exercising during pregnancy are:
- your exercise & fitness levels pre-pregnancy
- your current state of well-being during the pregnancy
- what stage of the pregnancy you are at
- whether or not you have any pre-existing or pregnancy related health issues
- how you feel on the day of exercise
All of the above factors affect the type of exercise you would do on that day.

The 3rd movement is the LUNGE/STEP. Building lower body strength is important for many reasons:

- improving fitness climbing stairs

- enabling you to pick things up off the floor and to get yourself up off the floor if needed

- improving your walking fitness

Above is a short clip of different versions of LUNGING/STEPPING. Aim to lower your back knee down towards the ground when lunging, keeping your torso upright and achieving 90 degree angles at the hips and knees.