Here's a glimpse of an hour of work in a dynamic work space, sped up to a few minutes. For more information on transitioning to a standing and dynamic work space, read "Don't Just Sit There" by Katy Bowman.

Move often...

Here is a lady who lives by the laws of movement. There is an array of useful information on her website about how to encourage movement in the home; at work; and with the family.

With all the hype about sitting being bad for you and standing desks now being all the craze I have always been a promoter of moving often, standing all day is as bad for you as sitting all day is. However, if you choose to adopt different postures throughout your work day and add in some useful stretches/movements scattered around, then you are certainly on the right movement road.

Your body craves movement. Don't lose what you started out with. Rather maintain and gain as much movement as you can over your life.

Katy Bowman's website is certainly worth a look, even if just to get one good tip that you carry over into your own life.

DeskMoovs - Complete Series

An easy to follow video routine of movements you can do right at your work desk, put together by a Physiotherapist. This 57 minute video will be all you need to help you gain more flexibility throughout your work day. Helping you avoid those aches and pains from sitting all day.

This video covers:

  • Lower Back & Hips
  • Upper Back & Shoulders
  • Neck & Headaches
  • Forearm / Wrist / Hands
  • De-Stress

It is packed with easy to follow instructions and education as well. A sure way to improve your productivity and get you feeling better!

This is a combination of all the DeskMoov videos we have on offer.