healthy minds


Our bodies were designed for movement. The more we don't move, the more we suffer and become sick.

Find ways in your day to encourage movement, whether it be on a small scale or a larger scale.

If you work from home, try and find different positions to work in, don't just sit all day and don't just stand all day.

- Spend a few minutes down on the floor in different positions with a laptop or book raised on a stool.

- Find a way to raise your work up on something that can encourage you to stand for a while whilst you work.

- Spend some of the day sitting on a fitball and moving your pelvis gently forwards and back/side to side/around in circles.

- Spend some time down on one knee in a hip flexor stretch; switch legs after 10minutes then spend some time down on both knees with hips open.

hip flexor stretch work in half kneeling

- If you have to make some phone calls during the day why not go for a walk whilst you are making them.

Challenge your body and your brain throughout the day to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Go for long walks in nature when you have time after work or on the weekends. Breathe in fresh air and appreciate the beauty of the planet we live on. Leave your mobile phone at home and be in the present moment. 

Let's encourage healthy habits for ourselves and our children. Seek movement on a daily basis...

DeskMoovs - Complete Series

An easy to follow video routine of movements you can do right at your work desk, put together by a Physiotherapist. This 57 minute video will be all you need to help you gain more flexibility throughout your work day. Helping you avoid those aches and pains from sitting all day.

This video covers:

  • Lower Back & Hips
  • Upper Back & Shoulders
  • Neck & Headaches
  • Forearm / Wrist / Hands
  • De-Stress

It is packed with easy to follow instructions and education as well. A sure way to improve your productivity and get you feeling better!

This is a combination of all the DeskMoov videos we have on offer.