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Day Three:

Do you use straws for the kids at home?
Do you run a business that utilises straws?
Do you enjoy drinking certain drinks with a straw yourself?
Have you thought about where all those straws land up?

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Mostly either in landfill where they will sit for 200 years or in the ocean where some sealife will probably ingest them.

There are plenty alternatives to plastic straws. Either just not using one at all and saying no if offered one when out. Or you can purchase a variety of alternatives:
- steel straws
- glass straws
- paper straws
- bamboo straws

Saving you money in the long run if you purchase the more durable options.

overhead squat form

Spot the difference:  Left = good...Right = compromised joints

Spot the difference:  Left = good...Right = compromised joints

I often see pictures posted of people with loads of weight above their heads but in very compromised positions, both in the press & the Overhead Squat (OHS). A common trend is to hyperextend the upper back and compromise the shoulders. (This only overloads the lower back and hip flexors and stresses out the anterior shoulder muscles).

This can be for various reasons:

  • Lack of shoulder stability

  • Lack of thoracic mobility

  • Lack of pelvic stability

  • Lack of hip mobility

  • Lack of knee stability

  • Lack of ankle mobility

Any one of these things, or a combination, can change the OHS dramatically. Don't sacrifice form for numbers.

Just make sure if this is a movement you do regularly, particularly if it is loaded, that you can tick all the above mentioned criteria prior to load. Or at least be working on your weaknesses and immobilities that are apparent and improving them prior to load.

Nothing wrong with working the dowel rod guys. I don't know about you but I'd rather achieve a perfect or close to perfect dowel rod OHS whilst preventing injury than an ugly weighted one which causes dysfunction in the system.