natural soap


Day Nine:

Fan of liquid soap over hard soap?

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Think about all those plastic bottles that land up being produced and used up and possibly landing up in landfill or the ocean.

I have been turned to hard soap recently and found some beautiful, locally made, natural soap that I have to say makes my face feel as soft as a baby's bottom! It's all I use on my face followed by some organic face cream. No scrubs/cleansers or whatever else those marketeers like to try and convince you you need. It's all just more plastic and chemicals! We don't need or want that!

If you REALLY have to have liquid soap (I do have some in my studio) then make sure you keep re-using the same pump bottle and go to a bulk food store to top it up. The Honey Shop in Central Markets are the best for all household products in bulk. I am sure there are other places too.

Re-think your thinking...