Straight from the horse's mouth, Dr Stuart McGill, an expert on lower back pain said:

- "Do enough sit-ups, does not matter who you are, you will hurt your discs. Think of the low back like a credit card, if you keeping bending it back and forth, eventually it will break. Some people may have more “bending cycles” but the principle is the same for all."

- "Athletes use this core as a “spring for stiffness.” They do not take their torso and bend them under load. i.e. A throw or punch = The hips generate the movement–>stiffness is produced by the core (spring stiffens)–>followed by the power in the shoulder."

- “Hollowing or sucking in your stomach to “activate” transverse abdominis is basically stupid for healthy individuals. Nothing new here. You brace your stomach. Hollowing will decrease performance (you don’t suck in to lift heavy weights).”

Keep an eye out for four of my favourite core functioning exercises to be posted up this week...