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(Minimum 2 people. Maximum 5 people)

personal trainer strength class adelaide

Our Strength Class is run by a Physiotherapist qualified Personal Trainer to ensure you are trained safely and efficiently. It is a moderate intensity class where each individual will be challenged at a level that is safe but progressive for them. Learn correct movement technique for fundamental movements such as squats; lunges; rows/pullups; pushups + more.

A great way to break up a day of sitting at work, get your heart rate up; increase your strength & help aid fat loss.

What you will need: comfortable clothing; water bottle; gym towel.

When: Mondays (Muscle Monday): 1pm - 1:45pm.

Cost:   $25pp (paid at the time of booking)


(Minimum 2 people. Maximum 5 people)


flexibility class adelaide personal trainer

Our Flexibility Class is ideal for anyone who has tightness or stiffness. It is a fast and effective way to combat the negative effects of sitting all day. We use dynamic stretches (stretches with movement) to release tension in the body. You will leave feeling an increase in flexibility and much more productive on your return to work. The class is run by a Physiotherapist and the movements will target the most common areas of tension in the body.

What you will need: Comfortable clothing.

When:    Friday (Flexible Friday): 12:15pm - 1pm

Cost:      $25pp (paid at the time of booking)


(Minimum 2 people. Maximum 5 people)

small group training adelaide personal trainer cardio HIIT class

Our Cardio HIIT Class is ideal for anyone wanting to work on their fitness levels and lose weight. A 30min High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Cardio session suited to all ages and levels. Go at your own pace but feel challenged and worked out! Using a number of different movements and cardio equipment (rower; bike; climber; battle rope and more)!

What you will need: Comfortable clothing. Gym towel. Water bottle.

When: Thursday (Thrive Thursday): 6:30pm - 7pm & Saturday (Strut-it Saturday): 11:30am - 12pm.

Cost:      $20pp (paid at the time of booking)


Classes can be booked up to six hours before the start time.

If this is your first class and you are not a current client of mine then please click on the button below to fill out a short form. Thanks!

or...find a friend or family member and get them to come to regular personal training sessions with you at a time that works for you!...


Do you have a friend or two who are also interested in personal training? 

At moov personal training we encourage you to promote fitness and well-being. If you have a friend or family member who would like to train with you, this makes personal training a lot more affordable. Train with up to a group of 3 people.

Cost: for as little as $35each you can enjoy the benefits of personalised training. See our pricing list for further details on pricing options. 

What to expect: You will each need to go through our 45minute initial consultation to get a full body assessment and medical/injury history. This can be done individually or in a group to reduce costs (please get in touch with us to discuss).

What if my friend and I have different goals?: With our small group training you can still have individual programmes and work on separate goals within the same session. That is not a problem.

Benefits of training with a friend: - Huge reduction in cost. - Way more fun. - Can give you a little competitive edge. - Helps maintain motivation.