"ON YOUR OWN TERMS" online fitness training

Take charge of your own training with access to our extensive video exercise library using our online app. A variety of bodyweight exercises as well as many using equipment so you can train anywhere. You will have access to hundreds of instructional videos of all the exercises you could possibly need to create many different workouts. The onus is on you to create your own workouts using the exercises available. Whether it be for strength training; fitness training; core funtional training; endurance training, we've got you covered.

This app will allow you to:

  • Access the 6 week Lifestyle Guide ebook
  • Put your own varied workouts together
  • Track your workout progress
  • Create & track your own cardio workouts & progress
  • Track your Body Stats via a graph
  • Track your own progress photos
  • Message me with any queries on how to get started
  • Upload workouts to facebook if you choose
  • Connect your fitbit to the app to track
  • Connect MyFitnessPal application to the app
  • AND MORE...

You will ALSO get access to myself via our messaging service within the app where you can ask me to comment or contribute ideas towards workouts you have put together for yourself. Critique your technique or just answer any questions you may have.

Sign up to this option for only $5 per week (first week is free and if you like it you only start paying in week 2. You also have the freedom to cancel any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" button below). We encourage you to send us feedback of your experience and if there are any exercises you can't find to please notify us and we can try to add them to the library. Sometimes an exercise may have a few different names so may be under a different name to what you are familiar with. Just ask us!

*Please allow up to 12 hours for an email response with link to app to take into account any timezone differences.