Kettlebell Swing Video Tutorial

kettlebell swing video tutorial.jpg
kettlebell swing video tutorial.jpg

Kettlebell Swing Video Tutorial

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A simple to follow instructional video of how to breakdown the kettlebell swing for correct technique.

Suitable for anyone who has been kettlebell swinging but may not be sure of their technique or are getting pain with kettlebell swings.

Also suitable for anyone who has never swung a kettlebell before and would like to learn how. 

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Just under 8 minutes of video. The movement is broken down into different phases and you are taught each phase before progressing to the next and putting it all together. A very safe method for mastering the kettlebell swing.

Please note that downloads are only available for 24 hours so please make sure you download the video (49MB) within 24 hours of purchase.

You can then watch the video as many times as you like on your device and is yours to keep! :-)