Shame On You Michelle Bridges!

Link to the APPALING advert for Woolworths featuring Michelle Bridges.

Wow! I try to never say nasty things or promote negative behaviour but WOW! Michelle Bridges, you need to crawl into the hole that "top soil" came out of and never return!

I have never liked Michelle Bridges, The Biggest Loser or any person or property promoting healthy living who sells their souls to the media and marketing. These people need to be called out. There is a large number of "health advocates" out there who have a mass following, not because they are knowledgeable and great at what they do, but because they have a great marketing team & look the part. That is it! These people should not be held in high regard.

Saying it's ok to choose a microwaved meal with minimal, if any, nutrition over a home-grown, nutritious-filled meal clearly means someone waved a LOT of dollar signs in front of your face. Not to mention that these "healthy meals" are packaged in wasteful plastic.

If we don't keep growing our own food and teaching our kids the importance of growing our own food then we are heading towards an even SICKER population!  In order for our food to have ANY nutritional value, it needs to be grown in healthy, LIVING soil, something that is somewhat lacking in current times due to commercial farming methods.

Now, more than ever, we need to bring awareness to preserving what gives us life - we keep taking, taking, taking from Mother Earth and not often enough GIVING BACK!  We SHOULD be growing fruit & vegetables, we SHOULD be minimising our waste, we SHOULD be avoiding processed foods!

Shame on you Michelle Bridges!


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