Are you tired of seeing online programs advertised by "fitness gurus" that are a "cookie-cutter" program for everyone? Not thinking about your previous history of injury / current medical condition / current fitness level / current flexibility and no feedback on whether you are moving well through the exercises or causing yourself harm?

I know I certainly am!

online fitness training app

At moov pt we believe that no two bodies are the same and would rather put extra effort in to make sure anyone training under our brand is safe in hitting their goals. We prefer to educate along the way and do our best to make sure you are getting MORE than just a workout! The exercises we design will help you moov better through your day to day life and will improve your overall health & well-being! The program is accessible worldwide and is sent to you via our easy to use app. It keeps you accountable and gives you 24/7 access to us if you have any queries or concerns.

Wherever you are...take moov with you!


4 week "fit moovs" online fitness training program

What: 1-3 personalised workouts per week of your choice (ie. strength/core stability/mobility/endurance/cardio intervals etc or a blend of all) in line with your goals. Plus a 6 Week Lifestyle & Food Guide Ebook & ongoing online support.

online fitness training app

When: Join us whenever you are ready and you will have access to the programs on our app for 5 weeks once they have been made available to you.

How: Fill out the "fit moovers form" below which will then take you to a page with a video example of the moovment assessment. You need to video yourself copying the movements in the example and send your video back to me via facebook messenger / dropbox / email or any means that works for you. We'll then be in touch with you to talk about payment and anything that may come up in the assessment.

How Much: $99 introductory offer for your first 4 week program ($120 for any further programs) to be paid in full before receiving your fit moovs program. That works out to $10 per workout ($8.25 with the introductory offer). You won't find a better personalised training experience!

If you still have questions after reading through the FAQ page then please get in touch.

What our FIT moovers have been saying:

"I'm loving the program, it's really ticked the box I was hoping it would. Having a solid program that's being tracked has made a world of difference to my attitude & approach."
"My "I should exercise" has evolved into a "I MUST exercise". This program really is the bomb."
"I am enjoying the workouts! Particularly knowing I can get one or two done in my son's nap time without having to plan anything 😀 ".